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Here are some shocking statistics:Robbie-JB

  • Only 27% of college graduates are working in the career field for which they studied (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).
  • The average worker today stays at each job for about 4.4 years (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Here are the real life implications of these statistics:

  • 73% of college graduates have WASTED tens of thousands of dollars and years of their lives preparing for work that they will NEVER do!
  • Constant job turnover, which often results from people working in jobs that they aren’t suited for, frequently leads to stress, lack of purpose, depression, and/or financial struggle.

´‘çThe late Larry Burkett, founder of Christian Financial Concepts (later Crown Ministries), discovered that a large number of the Christians he was counseling financially were embedded in fields of work that they were obviously NOT designed by God to do. Such mismatches caused these Christians not only heartache and stress; they also caused financial trouble. When people engage in work for which they aren’t suited, they typically don’t perform well, and half-hearted effort usually results in half-hearted pay.

In the late 1980s, Larry envisioned a tool that would help people discover what kind of work God designed them to do, and the Career Direct Assessment was born. Now, with 25+ years and over $2 million invested in its development, the Career Direct Assessment has been designed by Christian professionals in collegiate, mathematical, and psychological fields to help people understand and pursue God’s calling for their lives. Pursuing the work for which God has designed us means that our work ceases to be an empty race for money. Instead, it becomes a purpose-filled work from God! Over 150,000 high school students, college students, and adults worldwide have utilized the Career Direct Assessment to:

  • Maximize their God-given talents and abilities
  • Find more satisfaction in life by choosing the right career
  • Choose the college major (or other training) that will help them obtain the work that God has for them to do

For Leo Kuiper’s son, the Career Direct Assessment was transformational. Click on the video below to see what Leo had to say about his son’s Career Direct experience.

According to Dr. Bill Bethea, Sr. Pastor of Westgate Baptist Ministries:

We were blown away by the results of Robbie’s Career Direct analysis and recommendations. It will possibly save us tens of thousands of education dollars as well as years of indecision related to our son’s future. I highly recommend the Career Direct Assessment for every high schooler nearing graduation as well as for anyone who is in the workforce who is unhappy or undecided about their work. You may very well be working against God’s specific blueprint and not realize it.

And this is what Youth Pastor Mark Hurley had to say as a witness to a Career Direct Assessment:

According to the College Board Annual Survey of Colleges, the average annual cost of tuition, room, and board at 4-year, in-state public colleges during the 2012-2013 school year was $18,391.  Knowing that 73% of college graduates waste this amount of money – much of it BORROWED money – and 4-6 YEARS of their lives pursuing fields of study that they will NEVER use in real life, what do you think an assessment like Career Direct would be worth if it could save someone from making a +/- $75,000 mistake?  In reality, you could spend more on the following items than you could for a Career Direct Assessment:

  • One meal at a gourmet restaurant
  • One night in a nice hotel
  • One trip to a family fun park
  • A nice dress
  • A nice suit
  • A new bicycle
  • A single tire for a truck, and
  • A road trip to see out-of-town family

The investment for a Career Direct Assessment is only $160.00 USD per assessment for students and $220 USD per assessment for adults already in the workforce (The workforce assessment is a little more because the analysis is more involved.). These investments include the taking of the assessment itself, which takes about an hour, and the time spent (usually 2-3 hours) with a trained consultant who helps the client interpret, and put into action, the assessment’s results. Without a doubt, God is the SOLE authority in identifying His calling for each of our lives, but part of God’s discovery process often includes seeking the wise counsel of fellow believers who are rooted in God’s Word (Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 11:14). With 25+ years and over $2 million of research backing it up, Career Direct absolutely is part of that wise counsel!

What is the rest of your future, your child’s future, or your granchild’s future worth?  As for me and my family, we’ve concluded that $160-$220 is a small price to pay to keep me, my wife, and my three children from spending tens of thousands of dollars and years of misery pursuing work that God never intended us to pursue!

If you think the Career Direct Assessment would be right for you and for your loved ones, but you’d like more information before moving forward, click on the following images to learn more.

  • Click on the following image to listen to a 1-hour webinar on how the Career Direct Assessment can help people find God’s calling for their lives:


  • Click on the following image to review a sample Career Direct Assessment report. It will show you the detailed feedback that the Career Direct Assessment provides for each client:


  • Click on the following image to learn more about the history and development of the Career Direct Assessment:

  • Click on the following image to learn more about the math and the science behind the Career Direct Assessment:

For further questions or to schedule a Career Direct Assessment, please contact me by filling out the form below. I’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss how the Career Direct Assessment can be a blessing to you, as it has been to me and my family.

God bless!

Robbie Romeiser, Certified Career Direct Consultant

Founder, Today’



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