BEST OF TQFG: God gave you the work. Use it as your mission field!

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We hope you enjoy this re-post from March 14, 2013. Be blessed! The Today’s Quote From God Team

… They shall call the people unto the mountain… – Deuteronomy 33:19, KJV

To offer sacrifices of righteousness to God means to perform good works pleasing to God. Yes, choosing to rejoice in your work is a sacrifice of righteousness, a good work unto The Lord. But we are by no means supposed to stop there. In addition to offering gratitude to The Lord for the work He has given us, we ought to see our work for what it is: the means God has given us to reach others for Christ.

The tribe of Zebulun consisted of merchants, and in their dealings they often traveled by sea to trade with foreign countries. As commentator Matthew Henry puts it, “Zebulun shall improve his acquaintance and commerce with the neighboring nations, to whom he goes out, for this noble purpose, to propagate religion among them, and to invite them into the service of the God of Israel.” The tribe of Issachar, in contrast, thrived as husbandmen; their lot was to dwell in tents and tend the flock. According to Henry, “Issachar that tarries at home, and dwells in tents, shall call upon his neighbours to go up to the sanctuary…”

The point: no matter what our employment or place in life — whether our work has us meeting new people every day (like Zebulun) or hanging out with the same people every day (like Issachar) — we are to share Christ with those around us. God has given us a particular place in life at this very moment, and one reason He has done so is that we might reach those around us with the Gospel. There are people that non-seminary-educated Christians touch each and every day that pastors and missionaries will never reach. Mission work is not limited to seminary-educated Christian professionals, nor is it confined to the church house during regularly scheduled church hours. The Great Commission to evangelize and to edify was given to every Christian, and Christ meant for it to be fulfilled 24/7, 365. In this sense, every Christian is a full-time Christian worker.

Always be ready to call those around you up to the mountain to meet their God. It is your duty. It is your privilege. It is true Christianity.

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